Committed to Community

Committed to Community

Our business has a larger role to play, beyond delivery of world class food services and meat manufacturing. It is the community around us that benefits most when a business’ values and mission are correctly aligned.

“Imprisonment Rate of adults per 100,000 increased from 1,337 in 2006 to 2,088 in 2019.” – Close The Gap Report 2021

As a certified First Nations led business and employer, we are committed to driving social and economic change through meaningful employment, training, support, education and inspiration to First Nations people. Access to meaningful employment lowers the incarceration rate, lowers chronic disease and increases people’s disposable income, so that people may have more choices in their life for themselves and their family.


At CMJ, we aren’t afraid to go above and beyond. Beyond good products to deliver excellence. Beyond customer service to create genuine connections.

Beyond profit to be a force for good within our community.

Community Impact

Community Impact

CMJ Managing Director, Catherine Wright, is a Jagera woman who has been immersed in First Nations Affairs across a range of sectors for over 10 years.

She has first hand experience with challenges that her community faces and is committed to CMJ Food Services becoming a platform to inspire, empower and advance the lives of First Nations people.

“We pride ourselves on being a shining example of excellence in First Nation owned business, working in the community, with the community, for the community. ” – Catherine


We are supporters and collaborators of IBA Strong women. Strong business, and we are proud to champion other women-led first nations businesses like ourselves. Please take some time to visit partners within our network on the links below.

CMJ Food Services takes part in a range of social initiatives through relationships with local charities, rehabilitation programs for those leaving incarceration and preparation of meals for the homeless.

For us, it’s about more than just profit; we’re here to make a difference – to elevate those around us, create opportunities, empower independence and intergenerational wealth.